Nick Rheinberger Cover.png

Nick Rheinberger lives in a few different worlds. He’s a satirist and a songwriter, starting as a radio comedy writer over 30 years ago, before working with tv shows such as “Good News Week” and performing his brand of Acoustic Cabaret™ around Australia. He’s also a busy dad, entertaining his own kids and numerous others at folk festivals and schools. So “Family Entertainment” gives you both – from funk about modern life (“Burning the candle”) to banjo reggae about being a hopeless parent (“Bad dad”). Oh, in in his spare time, which there isn’t, Nick is the mornings announcer on ABC Illawarra.    


“Family Entertainment” was produced by another exhausted single dad, Paul Greene, at Paul’s Red Shelf studios in the Shoalhaven. They’re working on more songs about modern life and the sacred love songs of the middle-aged man, as well as an album about the Shoalhaven bushfires. But for now, “Family entertainment” has something for everyone.


Family Entertainment will be available on all platforms March 2020!