Red Shelf Records is a record label and recording studio based in Nowra on the South Coast of NSW Australia with a focus on developing talent in our local area and using music as a tool for positive social change. 

Red Shelf also Records (you)

  • ​Professional recording studio and record label

  • Tracking / mixing / mastering with ISRC codes / live sound

  • Live room / Vocal booth

  • Modern & Vintage 

  • Digital distribution 

  • Artist development 

  • inhouse composer & multi instrumentalist

  • voice overs / cooperate productions

  • Session rates | Project rates

  • Promo and release packages

(C) 2020 Red Shelf Pty Ltd

TAKE THE MUSIC BACK! Its Yours. Live it. Love It. Share it. Support the artist DIRECTLY!  Be part of something... smaller. 
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