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Red Shelf records your music

Records (DCs, Downloads, whatever) are a recording - as in the record of an event of people playing music. This is the seed that gave birth to Red Shelf Records - So Red Shelf also Records!


Founder and Owner of RSR, Paul Greene, has been working as a producer for many years working with some of the biggest names in the Australian Music Biz. His ideas and musical ability as well as his obsession with tone make him a sort after Producer. As well as projects with Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil) Greg Arnold (Things Of Stone & Wood) James Blundell, Spy V Spy and many many more, His own Self recorded & Produced 'Behind The Stars' was an ARIA finalist for best Blues and Roots album of the year.


With a beautiful collection of Microphones, Pre amps, Compressors and more instruments and gadgets than you can poke a stick, at Red Shelf Studios is available to make your next album/EP/Single at realistically affordable rate. 

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Pictured: Justine Wahlin capturing the beautiful natural reverb of an old hall on the South Coast NSW in the recording her new album 'A Pair Of dreamers' with Red Shelf Studios.

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